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ENGLISH IN ICONS FOR JAPANESE STARTERS (cheatsheet for self-learners)

ENGLISH IN ICONS FOR JAPANESE STARTERS (cheatsheet for self-learners)   ENGLISH IN ICONS FOR JAPANESE STARTERS (cheatsheet for self-learners)    

This folding leaflet is only for Japanese speakers.
It allows you to build simple sentences in imperative and present tense, so it can be used by those who don't know any English at all. It's also a nice handout for parents if you teach kids.
It comes in 2 versions: with and without examples. Filling them out can be an interesting exercise for starters.
It's an A3 PDF, but if you don't have an A3 printer you can print out the included PDF called "A4 tiling" which will allow you to make an A3 version with some scissors and scotch tape.
Download (Password protected ZIP file. See this blog's header.)
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