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GOGO LOVES ENGLISH (self-made worksheets for the popular videos)

GOGO LOVES ENGLISH (self-made worksheets for the popular videos) GOGO LOVES ENGLISH (self-made worksheets for the popular videos) GOGO LOVES ENGLISH (self-made worksheets for the popular videos)

This is a collection of worksheets to be used with "Gogo's Adventures with English" (Also known as "Gogo Loves English") videos.
These videos were published by Addison Wesley Longman Ltd. in 1995, and they're UNIQUE and TRULY WONDERFUL. They are designed in such a way that when watched in order even those who don't know any English at all can understand everything, and they are suitable for any age from 1 to 99.

There are 39 chapters (5 min. long each) in total and my worksheets cover until chapter 24.
There's one A4 PDF per chapter and every sheet summarizes each chapter's keywords and expressions.

About copyright:
As they can't be used alone I believe my worksheets just act as a promotion for the videos. If you are the owner of the copyright and you have any problem about it contact

The videos are not included in the download.

Download (Password protected ZIP file. See this blog's header.)

KEYWORDS TO MAKE THIS POST SEARCHABLE IN OTHER LANGUAGES: Hojas de trabajo basadas en los videos. • ビデオに基づいてワークシート。 • 基于视频工作表。 • वीडियो के आधार पर वर्कशीट्स। • أوراق العمل استنادا إلى مقاطع الفيديو. • Planilhas com base nos vídeos. • ভিডিও ভিত্তিতে কার্যপত্রক. • Рабочие, основанные на видео. • ਵੀਡੀਓ 'ਤੇ ਆਧਾਰਿਤ worksheets. • Arbeitsblätter auf der Grundlage der Videos. • Worksheets adhedhasar video. • Lembar kerja berdasarkan video. • Bahan-bahan berdasarkan video. • 동영상을 기반으로 워크 시트. • Feuilles de travail basé sur les vidéos. • Fogli di lavoro basati sui video. • Videolar dayalı çalışma sayfaları. • ขึ้นอยู่กับแผ่นวิดีโอ • Arkusze na bazie filmów. • آموزشی بر اساس فیلم ها. • Робітники, засновані на відео. • Fișe de lucru bazate pe videoclipuri. • Φύλλα εργασιών βασισμένα στο βίντεο. • A munkalapok alapján a videókat. • Listy na bázi videa.

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