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THENGLISHEET (cheatsheet for self-learners and teachers)

THENGLISHEET (cheatsheet for self-learners and teachers)   THENGLISHEET (cheatsheet for self-learners and teachers)   THENGLISHEET (cheatsheet for self-learners and teachers)    

This icon-based chart allows you to make affirmative and interrogative sentences in every tense. It covers 44 basic combinations but they can be many more depending on how you use the icons.
It's a nice cheatsheet to keep always at hand for reference.
It includes 2 versions in PDF (A4 and A3), and both come with and without examples. The one without examples allows the students to write down their own sentences.
It also includes a separate PDF with every example sentence translated to Spanish.

NOTE: A4 is too small to read and write comfortably, so if you don't have an A3 printer you can print out the included PDF called "A4 tiling" which will allow you to make an A3 version with some scissors and scotch tape.
Download (Password protected ZIP file. See this blog's header.)

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