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BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO... (English grammar for Japanese speakers)

BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO... (English grammar for Japanese speakers)

Believe it or not, the words "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" form a grammatically correct sentence, and discussing about it can be an interesting class activity for intermediate students.

This sheet was made with this article from the Japanese Wikipedia:
(Copyright: WP:CC BY-SA license)
It is available on Wikipedia in many other languages as well.

It includes 2 versions in PDF (A4 and A3).
If you don't have an A3 printer you can print out the included PDF called "A4 tiling" which will allow you to make an A3 version with some scissors and scotch tape.

Download (Password protected ZIP file. See this blog's header.)

KEYWORDS TO MAKE THIS POST SEARCHABLE IN OTHER LANGUAGES: Los búfalos de Buffalo (gramática Inglés). • バッファローから水牛(英語文法)。• 从布法罗(英语语法)的水牛。• भैंस (अंग्रेजी व्याकरण) से भैंस। • الجاموس من بوفالو (قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية). • Os búfalos de Buffalo (gramática Inglês). • বাফেলো (ইংরেজি ব্যাকরণ) থেকে মহিষ. • Буйволы из Буффало (грамматика английского языка). • ਬਫੇਲੋ (ਅੰਗਰੇਜ਼ੀ ਵਿਆਕਰਣ) ਤੱਕ ਦੁੱਧ. • Die Büffel von Buffalo (englische Grammatik). • Ing kebo saka Buffalo (grammar English). • Kerbau dari Buffalo (tata bahasa Inggris). • Kerbau dari Buffalo (tatabahasa Bahasa Inggeris). • 버팔로 (영어 문법)에서 물소. • Les buffles de Buffalo (grammaire anglaise). • Le bufale da Buffalo (grammatica inglese). • Buffalo (İngilizce gramer) den manda. • กระบือจากบัฟฟาโล (ไวยากรณ์ภาษาอังกฤษ) • Bawoły z Buffalo (angielski gramatyka). • گاومیش از Buffalo (دستور زبان انگلیسی). • Буйволи з Буффало (граматика англійської мови). • Bivolii din Buffalo (gramatica limbii engleze). • Οι βουβαλίδων από Buffalo (αγγλική γραμματική). • A bivalyok Buffalo (angol nyelvtan). • Buvoly z Buffalo (anglická gramatika).

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